River Bank Area – Fig Tree Pocket

We are currently working on a fantastic river bank area at fig tree pocket. It includes a fire pit area, setting area and the kicker a cellar. Keep an eye on this one it’s going to be a special spot for the cooler nights.


Photo above is the start of the cellar. It was an old service room in which we removed the tank and had the room cleaned diverted the plumbing ready for a start.


We install insulated the room and install the sheeting with a timber framed feature.


Also started to prepare the river bank area by clearing all the existing planting and locating the services. Nice quite spot to enjoy the view.



The timber sitting on the truck is from The Big Red Shed at Summer Park, they are cleaned up rail way sleepers in which we use to frame the cellar.

20170629_151150      20170629_151227


The cellar is starting to look the part with the timber sleepers framing the cellar with lighting and paint it’s starting to get very exciting. The black unit on the wall is a special wine cellar conditioner from Euro Cave. This unit keeps the room at the right temperature for the perfect wine.







Excavation of the river bank area starting to take place, with all the landings and stairs cascading down beside the house.


House before we started all the major excavation started which is amazing in its own rights.


Remember the rail sleepers we used to framed the cellar, well we can make door from them too, little heavy but looks unreal.



Cellar starting to really look the goods with the glass going in and all completed painted.

Stay tuned as this is only starting to warm up and still have the best to come.

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