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New Farm Apartment Renovation

So here we are, week 2 of the New Farm apartment renovation and the demolishing has begun. The below picture is of the current ensuite complete with a bathtub/spa. The next picture is of the ensuite completely pulled out and ready to start sheeting the walls. The owners had a specific idea for this room, this was to remove the double basins and bath, create a bigger shower space and ensure there was ample storage in an overhead mirrored cabinet.

Moray St 8

We have been really happy with the progress of this room, the owners have kept the brief simple, straight forward square room with not a lot being put back in, the after pictures will be worth the wait. The picture below is the after demolish photo of the ensuite.

 Moray St 7

This below picture is of the old dining room, this is to be the new kitchen. You can see that there is no plumbing whatsoever in this space. As discussed in the first post on this renovation the owners did not use this space in their apartment, it was essentially dead space and they wanted to utilize it.

The plan for this space is to build a false wall 100mm deep to hide all the services, so that means the Electrics, the incoming hot and cold water, plus the waste water. If you look through this space to the outside balcony, the owners want to turn this space into their laundry. Currently the washing machine and dryer are housed in a cupboard in the main bathroom. We need to extend the plumbing and electrics to the outside balcony too.

This means those big black sliding doors will be removed and replaced with a sleek white French door.

These are the challenges we face at Black Square Construction, bold ideas that we assist in turning into possibilities. We like to think, nothing is beyond our capabilities to either arrange, coordinate or manage.

Moray St 6

This is a picture of the false wall we are building in the old dining room for the new kitchen. We have had to build this wall first before anything else, as the owners want to be able to get the kitchen company they had arranged to build the new kitchen in to do a check measure. The new kitchen will  take approximately 5-6 weeks to construct. Once the wall is finished and the old kitchen removed, we will be able to start on the false ceiling.

Moray St 5

False Ceiling? What? As this is an apartment all the ceilings are concrete which makes changing light fittings and installing fans incredibly difficult, so we will batten the roof, install plaster board and have a plasterer come in to square up the edges and sand the roof ready for painting.

Remember that nice shiny kitchen from the first blog, well this picture was taken at the start of the demolishing phase. Notice in this picture the big beige ugly electrical mains control box, believe it or not, this was hidden in a cupboard, unless you knew it was there, you wouldn’t have seen it, because we were pulling down this cupboard, we had to move the mains board and put it somewhere accessible, but also discrete. One of our other many talents at Black Square is sourcing materials to ensure when we are done everything looks and feels perfect. Once the new electrical box is in place, we will take a picture to give you an idea of what we mean.

Moray St 4

Over the next couple of weeks and months, we will be sharing with you the pictures of this new renovation, the difficulties we may experience, the resolution to these issues and any other interesting things that happen along the way.

Not every renovation is smooth sailing, we like to consider that every challenge we face is more experience that we gather.

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Bathroom Renovation Blog 2

Bathroom Renovation Blog 2

So this is what we had to start with. It was cramped and very dated. The client wanted us to change it, move the plumbing, shower and build in a new cupboard. The interesting part about this renovation was the client wanted a linen cupboard. If you refer back to our previous blog you will see this cupboard on their design. The cupboard needed to be flipped into the hallway, this would open up the space and ensure a workable bathroom. The shower was small and not in the best spot in the bathroom. The client specified a new spa bath too.  This meant working with the electricians to ensure we situated the bath in the right spot to ensure we had power to operate the spa.

20150108_183152  20150108_183156

At Black Square constructions we have a network of tradesmen that work with us to ensure everything you want or need in your renovation is achieved.

As you can see from the after photo, our tiler had a great amount of work to do, the client wanted the tiles all the same, to the roof.

The shaving cabinet was built by one of Black Square Constructions network of tradies. We had this commissioned as the client could not find one they wanted from the retail shops.

The new shower is essentially a wet shower, this suited the client’s specifications.

At Black Square Constructions, we do whatever needs to be done to complete a renovation on time and within budget.

We are currently at the end of a significant renovation to an apartment in New Farm.  The client for the next job wasn’t 100% happy with the layout of the whole apartment, so we gutted the apartment and started from scratch. Stay tuned for the next installment of our blog.

We promise you won’t have to wait too long this time.

Be safe and make smart choices, if you can’t ask us to help, we are always here to assist.


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Thinking of a Bathroom Renovation

Are you tired of your old bathroom and want to renovate?

Don’t know where to start?

Unsure how you would like it to look?

Confused as to where the plumbing can or should go?

What will it cost?

All very good questions.


The first thing I think you should do is draw a little mud map of your existing bathroom, it doesn’t have to be to scale, but try and make sure everything is where it is supposed to be, check out the drawing below:


Once you have the existing bathroom layout down, do another for how you would like the new space to look.  Have a look at the new design below.  This was drawn up by one of the Black Square Construction customers.

This will give Jaren and his team ideas and it’s a good starting point as to how you want the new bathroom to be laid out, sharing of ideas with your builder to ensure a successful outcome is important.

Somethings may seem impractical, but mostly there is always a way to work around for it to be achieved.

In the end….

Keep following our blog as to the outcome of the bathroom renovation.

As we get stuck into our projects, there is going to be more blogs and posts on what Jaren and Craig are up to.  Cheers and stay involved.

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